Gaming Tablets to Conquer 2014 Mobile Gaming Industry

While the iPad tickles tablet PC users’ social life with their iPad-specific social application designs like the Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook and Spotify, Android has been very busy trying to give tablet PC users the best gaming experience they could get from their mobile device. It is not surprising if by 2014, more and more mobile gamers will get hooked into tablet PC gaming considering that there are so many different tablet PC manufacturers that utilize the Android OS and there are just three iPad models to compete with them.

To prove that tablet PCs are about to conquer the mobile gaming industry by 2014, well-known tablet PC manufacturers have already announced and released their wager.

gamingtabRazer Edge Pro claimed to be the first tablet PC that has been designed for gaming. Although it uses the Windows 8 OS, it was made compatible with a lot of tablet PC games and even with some desktop PC games. It is equipped with features and specifications that are comparable to those of a gaming laptop. Its CPU is an Intel Core i7 that has the Hyper Threading technology and Turbo Boost at up to 3.0GHz. It also has an 8GB RAM that is definitely sufficient for most PC games. What makes the Razer Edge Pro a great gaming tablet PC is that it could have either the Intel HD4000 graphics processor which has DirectX11 support or the NVIDIA GT 640M LE with 2GB DDR3 with the Optimus technology. The display is very much like other tablet PCs in the market which is at 10.1 inches wide and a multi-touch HD display. To make it more enjoyable for gaming enthusiasts, the tablet PC is sold with detachable controllers that make it look more like a gaming console. With these specifications, the Razer Edge Pro seems to tell the gaming laptop industry that they are up to move into their market soon—and it could be a big threat to most gaming laptop manufacturers.

Following the release of Razer Edge Pro is also the release of a much cheaper but equally good performing gaming tablet option—the WikiPad.

The WikiPad is an Android gaming tablet PC that utilizes an NVIDIA Tegra 3 mobile processor that is equipped with a quad-core CPU and a high performance 12-core NVIDIA GPU. It operates with the Android 4.1 OS or what is more commonly known as the Jelly Bean. So if a mobile gamer is a fan of the games that are available at the Google Play Store, this could be the lucky gaming tablet PC for him because it supports even the latest and most graphics demanding games available from the store. The WikiPad supports up to 32GB storage so it does have a lot of space for a lot of games. It also has interchangeable controllers in case a hard core gamer would want to be on an enduring gaming console mode.

This gaming tablet PC has also been made ultra-portable with its 7 inches wide multi-touch screen display and ultra-thin built at just 0.42 inch. It weighs just around 0.71 lb. It is definitely a mobile gaming device that hard core gamers can carry around with them all the time. Priced at just around $250, the WikiPad would definitely be making a big hit in the market especially those who are addicted to mobile gaming.

We probably all know of the best line of gaming laptops in the market today—the Alienware. The features and specifications it has for each of its models are unbeatable which is why even if they sell at extremely expensive prices, they are still the top-selling gaming laptops. But being on top of the market does not spare them from the threat of gaming tablet PCs that are about to dominate the mobile gaming world. With this, there had been rumours about Alienware looking at having its own gaming tablet PC but have put the plan aside for a while.

The well-known manufacturer of big and bulky but great performing gaming laptops recently released a new models for Alienware that are primarily designed for gamers on-the-go. But they are of course still amenable that their new portable gaming laptops aren’t as portable as the new gaming tablet PCs that are starting to dominate the market which is why they also teased the market that they are “working on a lot of exciting things beyond desktops and notebooks.” That of course implies the more portable gaming device—tablet PC.

Although none from Alienware have directly admitted that they already have something that is ready to hit the market soon, they mentioned that they are greatly considering the gaming performance and battery expectations that the hardware and software developers could give them. They would want every bit and pieces of their future gaming tablet PC to be worthy to carry out their brand—Alienware. They said that they would not want to sell form-factor just because it is in demand but sacrifice their performance.

But Alienware teasing the market continues and they said—keep your eyes open.


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