Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids

With the unstoppable advancements on technology, it is inevitable for kids these days to have the need for the newest gadgets in the market. However, parents can’t also help being torn between two major concerns; if they just give them what they want, they might go beyond their limits—the internet has no boundaries on what they can influence kids with. But if they don’t give them what they want, parents could be guilty of suppressing their kid’s learning—with everything working on computers these days, kids definitely have to learn how to use them.

Samsung provides a solution to parents’ dilemma by coming up with a special tablet edition of kidstab3the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. This is a special edition for kids; it will have a totally different look and will have features and preloaded applications that will help kids learn and have fun at the same time. This will also have features that will help parents moderate their kids’ use of the device.

Running on an Android 4.1 operating system or more commonly known as the Jelly Bean, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for kids is more like the already existent Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 in a different chassis—just a lot more colourful and a bit more durable.

It has a dual-core processor that clocks 1.2GHz and is supported with 1GB of RAM. It also has a mobile GPU which makes it good at playing kids’ games and it is able to handle a good amount of data. Its internal storage is at 8GB and can still be expanded through a microSD up to 32GB.

This tablet PC for kids will also be able to allow kids to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. It will also have security features similar to a personal computer’s parental control features that prevent kids from browsing unnecessary websites. It will also have a time management feature that would allow parents to set a specific time of use for their kids. When the time is up, the tablet will automatically lock its screen and will have a password protection set by an adult.

tab3kids Besides the big change in its chassis material and color, this special edition of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will also come preloaded with educational but fun games for kids. It will have apps like a paint tool and a kiddie photo editor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for kids will also have a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera and a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera. The screen display which is at 7.1 inches wide will also have a special screen protection to make sure it survives the not-so-light-and-playful hands of the owner.

The price of this tablet PC has not yet been established but if you’re a parent eager to get your kid something nice at least by Christmas, this is definitely worth a look.


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