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Our lives came to a screeching halt...
I had just shut down my successful online business, my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and I was stricken with a serious depression.  Our lives had come to a screeching halt.

The income had stopped.  The good health had stopped.  And the future was dark and uncertain.

But then things started to change.  My wife's operation was nine hours long, and it was successful.  The tumour on her brain was not malignant.  Thank God!

After she recovered over many months, we  celebrated by taking a long road trip to Arizona to take photos of landscapes...this was our hobby and is what we love to do.

At the start of trip I said these words to Lea:  "By the end of this trip, I need clarity on what my next business is going to be,"  and for the entire trip, we discussed every possible business idea from Amazon to underground directional drilling.  Nothing was off the table because I was without a vision for the future.

On the last day of the trip we scheduled our final stop in Hollywood.  On a whim, I emailed a social media influencer with a massive following in the photography niche and asked if he was open to meeting up to say hello.  To my surprise he said yes, and we met to hike up the mountain to photograph the Hollywood sign. He lived in Hollywood and was making serious amounts of money online. 

On the hike up the mountain he said these life-changing words to me:

"Tim, you should do what I am doing and sell your knowledge online." 

What?  I was shocked! "But I am not an expert!"  Those were the first words of fear and self-doubt that flooded my mind.  I had no following, no email list and no credentials.  

Why would ANYONE PAY ME to teach THEM about my hobby?

But a flame had been ingnited deep within me.  Maybe I could make this work.  How epic would it be to make a living selling knowledge I deeply cared about and helping people at the same time achieve their own dreams!

I threw myself at the task and read every book, watched every video, bought every course and researched the topic like my life depended on it...because it did.

One year and six weeks later, my online business reached $1,000,000 USD in sales and received two of the coveted 2 Comma Club awards from  Reaching this milestone put me in the top 1% of the over 150,000 Clickfunnels entrepeneurs.  

This is a business where I sell my knowledge and advice to tens of thousands of customers from almost every country in the world.  

My business generates profit 24 hours per day.  I call this an automated money making machine.  I can put $1 of advertising into the machine, and $2, or $3 or $4 comes out.  It has been LIFE CHANGING for us!  

Now we travel when we want and go where we want.  We use our trips to gather video footage that are used for courses that we sell.  We work from anywhere, on our own schedule and no longer need to worry about money.  This is what living a laptop life is all about....freedom.

But here is the really great part.  I built a four step system that anyone can follow so you can do what I have done.  

Everyone has knowledge, talents, skills and experience that others will pay for.  Find out how you can create your own automated money making machine even if you have no following, no credentials and no email list...just like I did.

Take my free webclass to discover how you can create your own automated money-making machine.  Click the button below.

Tim Shields and his wife, Lea
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About Tim Shields

Tim is in the top 1% of over 150,000 entrepreneurs who use

Tim Shields has been a full-time online entrepreneur since 2014.  His first online business was a Shopify clothing store where he manufactured leggings in China and sold over $4 million of product direct to consumers.  He then co-founded Xlusion Clothing and built an app that allowed over 1,000 Shopify store owners to resell Xlusion's leggings and garments from their own online stores.  This business generated $5 million in sales, but it was not where Tim wanted to be.  In 2017, Xlusion was acquired by which gave Tim the freedom to refocus on a new business model that sold information products (no shipping or fulfillment!)

In 2019, Tim began selling his knowledge and advice online by teaching people how to take beautiful photos.  His business hit $1 million in sales in just over a year, and Tim has documented the steps needed for anyone to start their own business selling their knowledge and advice online.  
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