This is how I jumped over the 7 figure roadblock
One year ago I was struggling to push my online business through the same barrier that holds everyone back.  But the One Funnel Away Challenge changed everything for me.

As it turned out, there were only two or three little things that I needed to change in my business, and once I implemented them, the income hit my account like a torrent of water.  Small hinges open big doors!  

Less than one year after taking the challenge I hit 7 figures.

The best part?  This challenge is like a $2,000 course that you can get for only $100.   It's the best and cheapest thing you can do to launch your online business or fix one that isn't performing.
Here's your 30 day game plan
and the kickstart needed to jump your roadblocks
One Funnel Away Challenge
YOU ARE just a few small steps away from a new life.
I broke free from the long daily commute, the endless meetings and the demanding boss - and so can you.  Now I live a laptop life which means independence and freedom!  Now I work from wherever I want, when I want and with whom I want.  

Start your One Funnel Away Challenge right now!  Take action, slay fear and live free.
Tim Shields
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